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How to use a charging point

If you use an Electric Vehicle Charging Point (EVCP) in one of our car parks, you will need to pay any parking fees in place as well as the charging tariff. You’ll also need to adhere to any other parking restrictions in place.

You can only park in EVCP charging bays if your vehicle is actively being charged, you must disconnect and vacate the bay as soon as possible after you have finished charging so others can use it.

Charging times and tariffs

Type of charger Cost
Rapid chargers (40 Minutes to charge) 72p per Kwh
Fast chargers (4 hours to charge) 56p per Kwh

Report a problem with a charger

If you are experiencing an issue with a Mer charge point, please contact them 24/7 on 020 3884 2768.

For non-urgent enquiries, email

Request a charger

If you live in an area without off-street parking and would like an electric vehicle charger near you, please email, and we’ll consider the location for the next phase of network expansion.

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