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Apply to close a road

Applying for a road closure for street works

For works to be carried out safely on or near the highway you may require a road or footpath closure, parking restriction or similar. If so, you must apply for a Temporary Traffic Regulation Order.

There are conditions and fees attached to applying.

The conditions are detailed on the application form. The fees depend on the nature of the restriction and the time required.

  • 1 to 5 days inclusive - fee: £575
  • up to 21 days emergency road closure - fee: £575
  • 6 days to 18 months inclusive - fee: £1,950

Additional fees:

  • suspension of Pay & Display parking bays - fee charged equivalent to loss of revenue (determined by parking services)

Please get in touch if you'd like to discuss the road closure before you apply.

Road closures for street parties and community events

Small residential street parties

Our street parties and fetes page provides more information on how to apply for a residential street party.

Large community events and parades

To apply online you must submit both:

The routes available for parades are restricted in the town centre, and only the approved routes will be considered.

All conditions of the road closure application must be met. There is an event-specific fee associated with your application and you may also incur traffic management costs depending on your event.

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