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Apply for an Access Protection Marking

You can apply for us to paint an Access Protection Marking (white ‘H’ marking) in front of your driveway, to deter other motorists from parking in front of it. Please note that the marking is advisory and not legally enforceable.

The marking is painted along the length of the dropped kerb, next to the driveway, and up to one kerb stone beyond.

Before you apply

To apply for this service, you need:

  • proof of residency (e.g. copy of a bill showing your name and address)
  • £260 fee for the marking

For no extra cost we can cover 2 access points providing they are immediately next to each other. This can include your neighbour's dropped kerb if you have their consent.

Applications are grouped and progressed at regular intervals throughout the year. Therefore there may be a delay between making your request and any work being completed. The Traffic Management Team’s decision is final.

If you already have an access protection marking and want to have it refreshed, please email to request this.

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