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Parking restrictions in the Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole area

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All current traffic restrictions across Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole are available on Traffweb.

There are 2 kinds of parking restrictions:

  • a restriction which means you cannot park in an area at all
  • a restriction which limits your parking by time, the kind of vehicle you have, or what you want to do in that area

In areas where parking restrictions are in place, they must be followed or a penalty charge notice will be issued. The Highway Code explains the restrictions, signs and road markings.

Holders of a valid Blue Badge are exempt from certain restrictions.

New parking restrictions

New or amended parking restrictions have to follow a legal and democratic process.

We are only able to fund a small proportion of the traffic measures that residents ask for, priority will be given to requests for sites where:

  • there is a history of recorded collisions
  • creation will benefit service delivery

Requests for double yellow lines across private vehicle accesses will not be considered. The dropped kerb is itself enforceable and you may find an Access Protection Marking useful to highlight it.

Before a request is made

Please consider:

  • will the introduction of a restriction will just move the problem to another area?
  • do other residents agree that there is an issue in the area?
  • it is not a case of just of introducing restrictions on the ground, the costs of advertisement, consultation and materials required can run into thousands of pounds

The criteria we use to assess requests are explained in the Minor Transport Scheme Request guidance document.

How to apply for a parking restriction including a resident parking area

To apply for a parking restriction (or to remove one), you will need to contact our traffic team.

You can also ask your local ward councillors to raise this issue on your behalf. If we approve your request, we’ll set a budget and your request will go through a public consultation.

Enquiries and applications can be made to

Public consultations

Requests that are selected must go through a public consultation process.

The process is as follows:

  • your request is advertised in the Bournemouth Daily Echo, our consultation website and at the site of the request
  • is open for replies for a minimum of 3 weeks
  • we consider all of the comments, for and against the request

The consultation documents are available online and can reviewed at the BCP Council Civic Centre, Bournemouth by appointment.

After the consultation period

Based on the responses we’ve received, we’ll send a report explaining our recommendations to the councillor responsible for sustainability and transport as well as legal, democratic and financial officers.

One of three things will then happen to your request:

  • it will be approved, and we’ll start working on it
  • it will be approved, but only if compromises are made
  • it will be declined, but you might be able to request it again in 2 years

This process can take several months from the date of submission to confirmation.

Parking obstructions and illegal parking

You can report a vehicle that is obstructing access to your property or is parked illegally to our parking operations team.

If parked vehicles cause an obstruction to the flow of traffic or pedestrians contact Dorset Police by dialling 101. They will assess the obstruction and take action if considered a priority.

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