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Published on Monday 30 May 2022

Why not cycle to work for Bike Week 2022

This year, Cycling UK’s Bike Week is all about cycling in the local community, and thanks to the work of south east Dorset’s Transforming Cities Fund programme, there are now plans for even more safe cycling routes around the area.

If you live within cycling distance to your workplace, maybe you could take up the Bike Week challenge by cycling to work? Cycling is not only great exercise but can make a big difference to your local community by reducing the number of cars on the road, bringing down congestion and improving air quality.

This year, Cycling UK wants you to dream big and imagine how your community could be improved if everyone in it used their bikes more. We appreciate that not everyone can cycle because of mobility or work transport issues, but if more of us who are able to cycle, can get on our bikes and cycle to work it could make a big difference for our community.

Find out how to get involved in Cycling UK’s Bike Week here.

Special Bike Week Offer!

If you want to cycle more but can’t afford a new bike, there are ways that you can get hold of a good value for money bike that won’t cost the earth. New to You in Poole, part of BCP Council’s recycling team, have a limited number of "recycled cycles" which have been checked over and serviced for safety and can be purchased for a cracking price.

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