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"They are the loveliest and most wonderful people I have ever met" Homes for Ukraine - One Year On

Today marks a year since the Homes for Ukraine scheme was launched. The scheme is one of the fastest and largest visa programmes in UK history. Thanks to the generosity of thousands of people here in the UK, over 116,000 Ukrainians arrived safely in the UK under the Homes for Ukraine scheme. Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole residents have welcomed over 550 Ukrainians guests to date.

Across the country, extraordinary people are transforming the lives of those who have fled the war in Ukraine, by offering a place in their own home and support in their community.

As the war continues, the people of Ukraine still need our help as they find their feet here in the UK. Many guests now need to find a new host while they prepare to live independently, because their original hosts are reaching the end of their commitment. Could you join the thousands already involved and offer a safe place to stay?



“I wanted to express my gratitude for all support and help the British people provide Ukrainians with. I'm beyond grateful for the Homes for Ukraine Scheme! It is such a pleasure to meet Paula and Sue, as they are the loveliest and most wonderful people I have ever met in my life. They helped me settle in the UK and recuperate after being in the war. I can barely imagine my life without them.”

- Homes for Ukraine guest


“Like many people who saw the events in Ukraine unfold from 24 February 2022, I wanted to do something. I agreed to sponsor a guest in April and waited 5-6 weeks, I believe the process is quicker now. Thankfully, there’s a lot of info on BCP Council’s website, on Social Media and other sponsors shared the lessons they’d learned and recommendations on what needs to be done when guests arrive.” 

- Homes for Ukraine sponsor


“I was a bit anxious to begin with inviting someone I didn’t know to stay in my home. But my guest has been a real bonus: I have discovered lots of delicious new food; she is a very kind generous and fun person; we respect each other’s need for space. She looks after my cat when I’m away.

"Obviously the language barrier is tricky but google translate is very helpful … alongside mime! I grew up among the bombs and bullets in Northern Ireland so I had some idea of what it must be like in a war zone and wanted to help someone living in fear.” 

- Homes for Ukraine sponsor


“Our experience with our guest was very pleasant and we have no regrets having her stay in our house. Whilst they had significant trauma experiences, we felt that the support she received from us and that of our wider friend circle helped her immensely.”

- Homes for Ukraine sponsor

Posted on Tuesday 14 March 2023