Role of the Charter Trustees and appointment of Mayoralty roles

Posted on Thursday 30 May 2019

Following the formation of BCP Council, the historic and civic ceremonial functions of the towns of Bournemouth and Poole were handed down to the Charter Trustees to manage.

Members whose wards cover part of the former Poole and Bournemouth areas will each sit on their respective Charter Trustee meetings to carry out certain responsibilities in connection with upholding and maintaining the role of the Mayoralty for each of their towns.

The Charter Trustees will sit at least twice a year, one meeting of which will be held to elect a new Mayor for their respective town.

In Bournemouth the first meeting of the Charter Trustees will be held at the Pavilion Ballroom on Friday 31 May to appoint a Mayor. At that meeting the current Mayor Cllr Derek Borthwick will automatically be appointed Deputy Mayor for the next 12 months.

In Poole the Charter Trustees meet on June 7 at the Civic Centre and will also elect a Mayor of Poole, Deputy Mayor and the role of Sheriff.

Honorary Clerk to the Trustees, Graham Farrant, said:

“It was always recognised that the historic and civic ceremonial traditions of the former boroughs should be protected following local government reorganisation. The role of the mayoralty and the responsibility of the trustees to maintain and safeguard the historic regalia are key to continuing the history and heritage of both towns. Having a Mayor for each area allows each of them to retain their unique identities and celebrate their communities.”

The Charter Mayors will continue to play an important role in promoting the area as a place to live and visit, host official visitors, and attend local community-based events and activities. For occasions when a civic role is needed for the BCP Council area as a whole, this function will be undertaken by the Chairman of the Council which is currently Councillor David Flagg.