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Restoration works to the walls around Christchurch Priory underway

Posted on Thursday 10 September 2020

A project is underway for the restoration of six walls around the historic Christchurch Priory. This essential work commenced in July and is expected to last 12 weeks to the end of October 2020.

BCP Council leases the land on which the walls sit and has a responsibility for their maintenance around the Priory, quay and adjacent to the mill stream. Due to the scheduled monument status of the Priory, the repairs are supported by the council’s Senior Conservation Officer who will ensure all restoration work complies with ancient monument guidelines.

Christchurch Priory dates back to 1094 and was first constructed as a Norman church on the site of the old Saxon Priory. The Priory operates a church society which has grown to include many people from all over the UK and beyond, who wish to maintain a link with this historic and beautiful church, with their aims to assist in the repair, conservation and improvement of the fabric of the church. The council put the works out to tender, with Greendale Construction successful in the contract to repair, rebuild, stabilise and refurbish the walls.

The restoration work includes removing vegetation and tree growth within the walls; dismantling some of the walls for a careful rebuild using like for like materials; replacing degraded and weather worn bricks and replacing them with new matching clay bricks; and shoring and underpinning the walls if required.

Councillor Mark Howell, Portfolio Holder for Regeneration, Culture and Economy commented:

“Under the terms of the lease for Christchurch Priory’s car park we have a responsibility to maintain the walls around the Priory and the quay. This needs to be done with considerable care and attention to detail on this historic and much-loved landmark in the town.

“This essential work will help to preserve the Priory and the many events that are held within its grounds (when they start up again) for the enjoyment of all, for generations to come.”

BCP Council’s vision is to create vibrant communities with outstanding quality of life where everyone plays an active role. The council is also passionate about its communities and undertaking this essential work will fulfil this core value.