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Response to the Home Office decision to temporarily accommodate a number of Afghan families in the BCP Council area

A number of Afghan families have been transferred by the Home Office to a temporary hotel in the BCP Council area as part of the South West’s response to the resettlement programme. The move is temporary whilst further efforts are made to find permanent homes across the country for those affected.

Following their arrival today BCP Council Leader Drew Mellor said:

“We are pleased to be supporting the government resettlement programme helping Afghan families start new lives in the UK. In many cases the families have experienced so much trauma already just to get here and I am sure they are made to feel welcome by local people in Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole.

“During their temporary stay in the area, whilst they await longer term housing solutions across the country, the council will be helping through working with our health and community sector partners to provide appropriate wraparound care and support services funded by the government. This will include access to health services and children and family support.

“It is not yet known if any of those arriving will go on to stay in the BCP area but we are working with our partners to assist where we can."

Posted on Friday 17 September 2021