Residents of Iford Bridge Home Park are advised to evacuate the site

Posted on Monday 17 February 2020

The onset of flooding as a result of recent persistent rain is expected around 7pm this evening (17 February 2020). Flood water is likely to be on site and affect access.

Flood water is not expected to reach the peak level of 3.8m seen in previous years and homes are not thought to be at risk, but residents have been asked to switch off site power and water due to rising water levels.

Therefore, due to the lack of power and water, the inaccessibility of the site and the vulnerability of some residents the decision has been made to advise evacuation.

Our staff have been on site throughout the afternoon. We have now set up an evacuation point at Iford Baptist Church for any resident who is unable to make alternative arrangements or requires advice. Council staff and colleagues from partner agencies will be available to assist residents and ensure people are well, safe and comfortable, and plans for overnight accommodation are in hand, should these be required. Any resident leaving site is advised to take any medication or essential overnight items with them.

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