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New walking, cycling and bus service improvements on Queen Anne Drive, Merley complete. Next phase of sustainable travel improvements begin on Magna Road.

Jess and her sister Abi test out the new cycle lane along Queen Anne Drive, Merley.


New cycling, walking and bus service improvements on Queen Anne Drive Merley, have been completed on schedule.  

The new improvements include:

  • A new, wider shared use path between Remstone Road and Merley Lane on the north side of Queen Anne Drive.
  • Junction improvements where Queen Anne Drive meets Rempstone Road, Montacute Way, Lynwood Drive and Merley Lane with safer crossing points for people walking and cycling.
  • Refurbished and improved bus shelters with raised access to make it easier to get on and off buses.

The improvements, which are funded by the south east Dorset Transforming Cities Fund (TCF) programme are the first phase of work between Gravel Hill and Bear Cross Roundabout that will form part of the new 13km green travel route between Merley in north Poole and Christchurch. Work currently underway on Whitelegg Way also forms part of this route which aims to help reduce traffic congestion by offering safe infrastructure for alternative greener and healthier journeys.

Cllr Mike Greene, BCP Council’s portfolio holder for transport and sustainability said: 

“It is really pleasing to see this project making good progress and finishing on time.  We are one of the most traffic congested areas in the country and simply building more roads will only attract more traffic, more congestion and more pollution.  We have to invest in infrastructure for alternative, green and healthy forms of travel to help us reduce congestion and free up our clogged road network.  The Transforming Cities Fund programme, mostly funded from central government, offers us the chance to make this investment for the future.”

Jess aged 10 and her sister Abi, both from Poole were some of the first people to try the new route on Queen Anne Drive. Jess said:

“Walking and cycling is more environmentally friendly and it gets your muscles working.  Also, if the traffic is bad and you aren’t going anywhere too far, you can actually get there quicker if you walk or cycle there rather than driving in the car.

Work is now underway on the next section of the project, which will continue the new cycle, walking and bus service facilities along Magna Road, between the Hamworthy Club and Knighton Lane. The work is expected to complete by March 2022.

This section of works will include:

  • Junction improvements at the entrance into Hamworthy Club improving crossing facilities for pedestrians and cyclists across the access road
  • A new 3m-wide shared use path on the north side of Magna Road between the Hamworthy Club and Canford Arena Way junction (by the Canford Magna Garden Centre)
  • The existing footway on the north side of Magna Road between Canford Arena Way junction and Knighton Lane will be widened and converted to a new shared cycling / walking path and the existing shared path on the south side of Magna Road will be widened, creating more space for cyclists and pedestrians.

You can find more information about the Gravel Hill to Bear Cross Roundabout Transforming Cities Fund project and the 13km Merley, Poole to / from Christchurch sustainable travel route here

Posted on Monday 17 January 2022