First Phase of Kings Park Transforming Cities Fund Work Completed on Time

The new crossing on Harewood Avenue, part of the Kings Park TCF project


Phase one of the Kings Park Transforming Cities Fund (TCF) project has been completed on schedule. The work on Harewood Avenue near Avonbourne Academy to create a new crossing has been completed on target before the end of the school holidays and the closed section of the avenue has been re-opened.

The work has created a new raised toucan crossing on Harewood Avenue, near to the roundabout junction with Littledown Avenue and Harewood Crescent. This provides a better, safer location for the school and the entrance to Kings Park.  The project has also extended the existing 20mph speed limit to cover the new crossing and the approaches to the roundabout.

Cllr Mike Greene, BCP Council’s portfolio holder for transport and sustainability said: “The installation of this new toucan crossing and extension of the speed limit is of benefit to our community as it will provide a better, safer crossing for the pupils at Avonbourne Academy.  The crossing also forms part of our wider Kings Park Transforming Travel project, which itself is a section of the planned 8km long sustainable transport route that will eventually link Bournemouth railway station and Jumpers Common, Christchurch.

Phase two of the Kings Park TCF project (Ashley Road to Harewood Avenue) is due to start in autumn 2021 and will include:  

  • A new, separate cycle path installed next to the existing footpath between the AFCB Vitality Stadium and Harewood Avenue. This will create a 2m wide footpath and a 3m wide two-way cycle path, separated by an area of wildflower planting where space allows
  • A new informal raised crossing installed over King’s Park Drive between the car park at AFCB Vitality Stadium and Kings Park Bowling Green to slow traffic and provide a safer area for pedestrians to cross
  • A new separate 3m wide two-way cycle path and 2m wide footpath separated by an area of wildflower planting installed alongside Kings Park Bowling Green
  • Installation of new lighting to improve safety and security
  • New wayfinding signs
  • Disabled parking spaces relocated from the eastern side of Kings Park café closer to the Ashley Road entrance to improve access to the cricket pavilion
  • Changing parking bay locations on King’s Park Drive to create safe access along the cycle track through Kings Park.  Bollards will be installed on the existing line-marked cycle lane on King’s Park Drive to prevent vehicles from parking within it.

The final phase three of the Kings Park project from Harewood Avenue to Sevenoaks Drive is scheduled to begin in spring 2022 and complete in Autumn 2022.

You can find more information about the Kings Park Transforming Cities Fund project by visiting our Kings Park project page or go to for information about the whole TCF programme.

Posted on Wednesday 1 September 2021