European Election results for the South West

Posted on Monday 27 May 2019

The 2019 European Election results for the South West region have been declared.

Regional Returning Officer, Graham Farrant, from BCP Council, co-ordinated the regional count and declared the final result at the Civic Centre in Poole.

The number of votes cast for each party or individual candidate was:

  • Change UK – The Independent Group 46,612
  • Conservative and Unionist Party 144,674
  • English Democrats 8,393
  • Green Party 302,364
  • Labour Party 108,100
  • Liberal Democrats 385,095
  • The Brexit Party 611,742
  • UK Independence Party (UKIP) 53,739
  • Maxey, Larch Ian Albert Frank (Independent) 1,772
  • Rahman, Mothiur (Independent) 755
  • Seed, Neville (Independent) 3,383

The six elected Members of the European Parliament for the South West Region are:

  • Ann Widdecombe (The Brexit Party)
  • Caroline Voaden (Lib Dem)
  • James Glancy (The Brexit Party)
  • Molly Scott-Cato (Green Party)
  • Christina Jordan (The Brexit Party)
  • Martin Horwood (Lib Dem)

The overall turnout for the South West region was 40.45 per cent compared to 37.04 in 2014.