Drop in event to celebrate Poole Park's Lakes & Lagoon improvement projects

Posted on Monday 8 April 2019

Those passionate about the diverse nature and wildlife of Poole Park are invited to attend an event celebrating two extensive lake and lagoon improvement projects. On 10 April 2019, the new BCP Council will be hosting a free drop in event from 11am to 3pm for wildlife enthusiasts, families, local residents and visitors.

The event will provide an opportunity for members of the public to learn about the ongoing works which aim to enhance the water quality and biodiversity of the lagoon (boating lake) and the two smaller freshwater lakes. They will also be able to find out more about what has been completed so far and the future aims for improving habitats.

Activities at the event will include analysing water samples to see up close the differences between the fresh water lakes and lagoons. Educating people on the stunning variety of bird life, the Birds of Poole Harbour charity will be in attendance with their telescopes. In addition, local champions of wildlife and natural places, the Dorset Wildlife Trust, will be hosting a competitive bird spotting game. There will also be stone painting and planting activities around the lakes.

Martin Whitchurch, Poole Park Life Project Manager, BCP Council, said:

“These works will have a huge impact, helping to preserve and enhance the biodiversity of our lakes and lagoons in the long term. Delivering benefits for both recreational users and wildlife, we invite you to come along, take part in some fun activities and find out more about our exciting project.’’

To date, contractor Ebsford Environmental has been using specialist amphibious excavators to dredge areas of sediment lying at the bottom of the lakes and lagoon to increase water depth. Sediment has been used to create new island habitats and small promontories with boardwalks and bird screens.

Avon Construction has also been carrying out works to improve the bridge over the sluice channel that links the Park’s lagoon to Poole Harbour. They have installed a new lightweight fibre reinforced polymer bridge. The sluice channel with Poole Harbour helps to maintain salinity levels in the lagoon and support the rare species that live there, including the Starlet Sea Anemone which is on the IUCN red list and classified as vulnerable (the same status as the red squirrel).

The project has been made possible by National Lottery players through funding from the National Lottery Heritage Fund as part of a £3.5 million project.

For the latest updates, please visit: https://pooleprojects.net/pooleparklife/.