Departure of Judith Ramsden, Corporate Director, Children's Services

Posted on Tuesday 28 July 2020

“Judith has been talking to me for a period of time about the scale of improvement and change work required to deliver consistently good outcomes and brighter futures for vulnerable children in the BCP area.

Judith has delivered the first stage of harmonisation for the service, forming a new leadership team, new strategic partnerships and creating the comprehensive improvement framework and plan which will deliver the changes needed in children's services. She has brought into BCP Council the support of the Department for Education and the Local Government Association and developed the external professional relationships required to achieve our aims. At this key point, Judith has decided it is an appropriate point to move on and for someone else to continue the transformation programme that has successfully started.

Judith has worked tirelessly since joining BCP Council and will be completing the improvement planning work before she leaves.”

Graham Farrant, Chief Executive