Black Lives Matter statement

Posted on Thursday 4 June 2020

Statement from Cllr Vikki Slade:

“As BCP Council’s lead for Equality and Diversity I want to show my support for the demonstrators who attended the Town Hall today and the smaller group that I spoke to at the beach on Sunday. The death of George Floyd highlights the discrimination and injustice that still exists for BAME communities and I want to make clear my utter condemnation, with that of BCP Council, of racism in all its forms. I think that all decent people would be appalled by the events that occurred in Minneapolis. Whilst nobody can justify criminal activity such as the mindless burning and looting, I understand the underlying frustrations that are being expressed. The failure to be protected by those who are charged to protect all sections of the communities is a great betrayal."

BCP councillor, Chris Rigby was in attendance at today’s demonstration and added:

“Being able to add my voice to the hundreds of others in Bournemouth today was important. The UK is not innocent, and this is a crucial moment for BAME communities to have their voice heard. As councillors we need to set an example, add our voices, vocalise our intentions and acknowledge that real changes are needed. We start by saying black lives matter."