BCP Council's Winter Service continuity plans approved

Posted on Friday 13 September 2019

BCP Council is fully prepared to respond to dropping temperatures over the winter period following Cabinet approval of its Winter Service continuity plan 2019/20.

The plan details BCP Council’s preparations and planned response to severe weather, be it heavy snow, rain or freezing temperatures. The winter plan replaces the three separate plans previously in place by the preceding councils and ensures that there is continuity of service.

Under the new plan, officers will monitor weather conditions from the start of October through until the end of March. Decisions about which roads are gritted will be based upon the latest forecast of road surface temperatures. These temperatures will be monitored by strategic highway sensors which provide accurate ‘on the ground’ surface and air temperatures. Officers will be alerted to any changes to predicted weather patterns and the system then works out the optimum times to grit the highways.

The planned network coverage includes all BCP Council classified A roads, access to Poole Port, Bournemouth Airport, Emergency Service buildings, Bournemouth & Poole A&E Hospitals & St Marys Maternity Unit, and link to the A31.

As part of the report, Cabinet Members also approved plans to review the Winter Service operation at the end of the 2019/20 season to inform future development of the plan including to consider options for future treatment of roads, pavements and cycle paths.

Councillor Dr Felicity Rice, Cabinet Portfolio Holder for Climate & Environment said:

“BCP Council officers have been working hard to get this plan in place so that as residents we can all carry on safely with our day to day activities during the winter. As we carry out our review of the winter service across the whole of Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole we will also be looking at additional options around safety for those that walk, cycle and use the bus.'’