All BCP Council cremations to be held at Bournemouth Crematorium

Posted on Thursday 9 April 2020

From 13 April, all cremations provided by BCP Council will take place at Bournemouth Crematorium. Bereaved families can continue to choose to hold ceremonies and services at Poole Crematorium, with the cremated remains returned to Poole for collection, scatter or interment within the memorial grounds at Poole. Additionally, due to restrictions placed nationally on the numbers permitted at funeral services, we have reduced the cost of cremation services by £100 from £805 to a fixed price of £705 with immediate effect.

The cremator at Poole Crematorium is over 20 years old and reaching the point of failure and, whilst BCP Council has been considering the options for Poole Crematorium for a number of months, the condition has worsened quicker than expected. A longer-term business case and options appraisal setting out proposals will be considered by Cabinet at the earliest opportunity.

There are a small number of families with cremations already booked at Poole Crematorium and council officers are working hard not to cause any additional distress at this difficult time. We are liaising with Funeral Directors proactively to ensure that families’ needs are met as compassionately as we can.

Chief Executive of BCP Council, Graham Farrant explains,

“Poole Crematorium can continue to provide its tranquil and peaceful grounds and excellent, compassionate service, so the experience of mourners and bereaved families should not change. We know this can be particularly important for those with family and historical connections to the site.”

Larry Austin, Director for Environment said,

“We are planning to increase the operating times of the four cremators at Bournemouth Crematorium to ensure we are able to meet the additional demand and increase our capacity from around 150 to up to 600 cremations per week. All coffins from those whose services are held in Poole will be respectfully transferred to Bournemouth in a dignified manner, for cremation.”

All Funeral Directors in the area have been advised of this decision.