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Grove Copse

A small nature reserve near to St Catherine's Hill.

Formerly part of Grove Farm, Grove Copse is mainly mature oak woodland with an understorey of hazel, birch and holly.

This site has historically been known as Bluebell Wood, although only small patches of bluebells remain.

Despite being only 1.45 ha, the site is important for local wildlife, particularly woodland birds. Grove Copse is managed with the aim of maintaining and improving its wildlife habitat.

Getting there

Nearest town


Grid reference


Nearest postcode

BH23 2PE

Nearest train station


Nearest bus stop

River Way, near junction with Stour Way.


There’s on-road parking on Hurn Way or Stour Way.


Gates at Grove Copse gates are 1.2m wide. The terrain is flat with soft ground and there’s one wooden bench on which to rest.


Dogs are allowed but must be under close control.


Broadleaved woodland

Look out for

Foxes, rooks, jackdaws, woodpeckers, nuthatch, red admiral and speckled wood butterflies.

What to do

There’s a pleasant wooded open space in which to walk and relax. It’s a small site but worth including as part of a visit to the nearby St Catherine's Hill.

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