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Chewton Bunny

A bunny is a local name of unknown origin for a valley, equivalent to a Dorset chine or glen in Scotland.

Chewton Bunny is a 5.5ha site which includes several Ancient Natural Woodland Indicator species.

Mill House in the centre of the site is now a private residence but once used a waterwheel in the Walkford Brook to mill grain. The site was also a convenient smuggling route for contraband in the past.

At the north end, the Brook passes under the first ever reinforced concrete bridge.

Getting there

Nearest town


Grid reference


Nearest postcode

BH23 5JA

Nearest train station

Hinton Admiral.

Nearest bus stop

Wharncliffe Road.


The nearest car park is Highcliffe Cliff Top car park.


Chewton Bunny is a short distance from central Highcliffe. It has gravel footpaths leading through a steep sided valley, with an alternative route having one flight of steps. There are no gates and some wooden benches to rest on.


Dogs are allowed but must be under close control.

Site designation

Site of Nature Conservation Interest.


Broadleaved woodland and freshwater stream.

Look out for

Opposite-leaved golden saxifrage, wood anemone, nuthatch, woodpeckers, dog's mercury.

What to do

There’s a pleasant woodland walk alongside the Walkford Brook to the sea, plus opportunities for watching wildlife, including woodland birds.

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