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Cycling, skating, skateboarding and use of e-scooters on the seafront

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You can cycle, skate or skateboard on the seafront in Bournemouth and Poole, but some time restrictions apply and pedestrians have priority so please be careful around them.

In July and August, cycling, skating and skateboarding are not permitted on the seafront promenades or paths between 10am and 6pm. Cycling on the seafront at these times could lead to prosecution. Please note, this includes the use of Beryl bikes and e-scooters.

These activities are permitted between Bournemouth and Boscombe piers at any time of the year.


  • at all times give way to pedestrians as they have right of way
  • keep your speed below 10mph and slow down
  • when it’s busy, please be responsible - dismount and walk.

There are some areas where you cannot cycle. They are:

  • all zigzag pathways leading from the cliff top to the promenade
  • all chines
  • Bournemouth Lower Central Gardens, although there is a cycling lane that runs behind the gardens mini golf through to the seafront.


Beryl rental e-scooters are available for hire and use in Bournemouth and Poole on shared use cycle/walk ways as well as roads. Beryl rental e-scooters are permitted on the seafront except from 10am to 6pm in July and August.

It is illegal to use privately-owned e-scooters on the promenade, paths and public roads at any time. Failure to comply, risks confiscation and prosecution by the police.

Restrictions in Christchurch

In Christchurch, cycling is not possible in all areas as the promenade can be very narrow.

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