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Refer a friend scheme

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If you work with us and you know someone who would suit an available role, or if you are looking for work and know someone who already works with us, you can make the most of our refer a friend scheme.

The scheme can earn an existing colleague a cash payment if:

  • they refer a friend for a role and that friend gets the job
  • that friend goes on to complete their probation period

The job advert for a role will confirm whether or not it is eligible for the refer a friend scheme.

To be referred for a job under the scheme, the person being referred must not be currently employed by BCP Council or have previously worked for BCP Council for 12 months. They must not be a previous employee who was dismissed through the disciplinary or performance improvement process. The person being referred must be known personally to the referrer.

Our normal fair recruitment process applies. No preference will be given to applicants on the basis that they have been referred.

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