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Equality, Diversity and staff network groups

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BCP Council plays an important role as an employer, service provider, and leader in our community. We're committed to respecting differences, actively fighting against discrimination, making sure everyone has equal opportunities, and promoting understanding among people from different backgrounds in the areas we serve.

Our goal is to do more than just what the law requires when it comes to treating everyone fairly. We want to create a community where every person matters, feels safe, can take part in public life, and has the chance to achieve their potential while being treated with respect.

We provide resources and guidance for colleagues in our internal network, to help us meet our responsibilities for equality. We also have Equality Champions attached to our service units, who can offer extra support and advice.

Our commitment as an employer to equality and diversity is part of our Corporate Strategy and our Equality and Diversity policy.

Staff network groups

Our staff network groups provide a safe space for our colleagues who work here to raise work-related issues that may impact them and their colleagues, and to discuss what we as an employer can do to improve their experience of working here.

The main aims of our staff network groups are to:

  • provide a safe space to discuss any issues
  • help to raise awareness of issues within the wider organisation
  • provide support for anyone facing challenges at work
  • offer a collective voice for colleagues to senior leadership

We currently have the following staff network groups in place:

  • Race and Cultural Diversity
  • LGBTQ+
  • Religion and Belief
  • Disabled Staff
  • Women's Group

We also have allocated members of our Corporate Management Board (CMB) to be staff network group champions. These champions provide support and a voice at a senior level within BCP Council and will help advocate for progress and improvements.

All information about joining our staff groups is available on our intranet which you will have access to when you join.

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