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Being evicted or served notice

As a tenant you have legal rights and your landlord must follow the correct steps if they would like to you to leave.

It helps to know why your landlord has asked you to leave, as it may be that the issue can be resolved. If you have not kept up with your rent payments, your landlord may allow you to stay if you set up a payment arrangement. It is much better to resolve an issue like this, as it may affect your ability to get future accommodation if you have a history of rent arrears.

If you ask us for homeless assistance it may limit the duty we owe you if you’re struggling because of rent arrears. This means we may not have a duty to rehouse you.

If you’re unable to resolve the issues with your landlord, you need to look at your housing options right away. Although your landlord must give you a reasonable notice period and cannot force you to leave without going to court, it can take some time to find alternative accommodation.

If you’re going to be homeless, request a housing needs assessment.

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