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Service Status

Due to the large number of applications being received, it is currently taking about 12 weeks to make a decision.

We apologise and are processing applications as quickly as possible.

If you are threatened with homelessness, please contact:

BCP Council Homechoice

You can now access our homechoice website

Once your application is received, you may receive a call from one of our Housing Advisors to discuss your Housing Options if not, you will receive a letter from us about your application

Please make sure to read our Allocations Policy.

You are now able to upload your own documents:

  • Log in to your account and click ‘Add supporting documents to my application’
  • Choose the necessary document types for household members from the drop down list. For example; passport, child benefit award letter or a doctors or OT letter for a medical issue

There is an extensive Help section on the new website, but if you have any questions that are not answered, please contact us.

Homelessness support

If you are homeless, or threatened with homelessness and not currently working with our Housing Options Team, please contact our:

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