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How to prepare for flooding

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You can prepare for flooding by:

How we prepare for flooding

We have a Strategic Flood Risk Assessment to prepare for flooding. We also:

  • schedule maintenance such as gully emptying to areas at greater risk of flooding
  • work with Wessex Water who are responsible for the public sewer beyond highway drainage
  • prioritise our planning and response based on Environment Agency alerts and warnings and liaise with emergency services
  • share the information we gather about local flooding with the Environment Agency and water authorities, to manage flood risks by highlighting areas most likely to flood

We are unable to:

  • inspect, clean and prepare every drain, ditch and culvert. There are in excess of 58,000 road gullies
  • respond to every flooding incident
  • provide sandbags and other flood defence equipment to residents or businesses

Insurance if you live in a flood risk area or have made a flood claim

Flood Re has been set up to help insurers provide affordable home insurance for people who live in a flood risk area.

If your home meets the Flood Re criteria, then contact insurers who are participating in the scheme.

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