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We manage and maintain the trees we own. If you experience or notice a problem with a tree we own, please report the tree issue to us.

We remove:

  • dead, dying and dangerous trees
  • damaged and dangerous limbs
  • limbs which are obscuring highway signs, traffic lights or lamps

We do not prune or remove trees that:

  • cause leaves to drop in your gutters, or on your drive or garden
  • have branches overhanging drive or garden
  • block sunlight
  • block satellite dishes, solar panels or TV aerials
  • have limbs interfering with telephone lines - you must contact the service provider
  • are close to but not touching a property
  • impact or have branches that impact railway lines, instead contact Network Rail on 03457 114 141
  • impact or have branches that impact electricity cables, instead contact contact SSE on 0800 052 0400
  • belong to a private landlord, agent or housing partnership. Instead, report these to the owners of the property or the partnership

Vegetation damage to a property

All claims for compensation to us must be made in writing and must contain:

  • your full name and postal address
  • the exact date and approximate time of the incident
  • the exact location of the incident (including the postcode)
  • circumstances of the incident
  • full details of the loss suffered (if this involves a vehicle, please include the make, colour and registration number)

Please send your claim to or post to:

Insurance Team
BCP Council
Town Hall
Bourne Avenue

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