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Report a concern about a neighbouring property

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Blocked drains and sewers

Before reporting an issue, you should establish where the problem is occurring and follow the relevant advice below:

  • a drain is the pipe which takes waste water away from one property
  • a sewer collects water and waste from the drains of more than one property

Problems with drains

If your toilet is blocked, sink is overflowing or there is a smell coming from a drain grid or inspection chamber on your property, check to see if your neighbours are experiencing similar problems.

If they are not affected, it is likely that your drain is blocked and the responsibility lies with you.

If there is a fault or blockage with your drain which you are not able to resolve contact a reputable specialist contractor.

If you are in private rented accommodation, inform your landlord or letting agent.

Problems with sewers

If your neighbours are also affected or there are problems outside of your property, the problem may be with a public sewer and responsibility usually lies with Wessex Water.

Making a complaint

If the problem is at a neighbouring property, try speaking to the owners or occupants to make them aware and see if they are taking steps to rectify an issue.

If no action is taken, you can email and we will carry out an investigation and consider action under relevant powers to ensure remedial works are carried out.

In order to investigate your complaint you must provide your name, address and contact telephone number as well as the address of the property where you think the problem is.

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