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Public toilets in Christchurch

There are a number of public toilets in the Christchurch area. Most locations feature disabled facilities and family rooms with baby changing facilities.


  • Christchurch Quay
  • Saxon Square
  • Bridge Street (Civic offices)
  • Purewell Cross (Stanpit)
  • Riverway Recreation Ground*
  • Highcliffe Castle Grounds
  • Highcliffe Recreation Ground
  • Sea Corner Waterford Road
  • Mudeford Recreation Ground
  • Mudeford Quay
  • Friars Cliff Beach*

Opening times

All public toilets in the Christchurch area are open from:

  • 8am to 8pm, from 1 April to 10 September
  • between 8am and 9am, closes between 7pm and 8pm from 11 September to 30 September
  • 8am to 6pm, from 1 October to 31 March

*Temporarily 8am to 3pm.

This is with the exception of the Friars Cliff Beach Disabled toilet, which is only open during the operating hours of the cafe, and the Mudeford Sandbank block toilets, which have their own opening times.

Mudeford Sandbank

There are also toilets at blocks 1 to 5 at Mudeford Sandbank. Please note that there is no vehicle access to these toilets.

Blocks 1 to 5 are open 24 hours a day all year round.

Disabled toilets

There are disabled toilets at each location except for Friars Cliff Beach and Mudeford Sandbank blocks 1, 2 and 4.

There is a disabled toilet in the Beach Hut Cafe at Friars Cliff Beach, however this is only available during the opening hours of the Cafe.

Family rooms with baby changing facilities

There are family rooms with baby changing facilities at each location except Purewell Cross, Sea Corner, Friars Cliff Beach, and Mudeford Sandbank blocks 1 to 3.

External cold water showers and chemical toilet emptying points

There are external cold water showers at Friar's Cliff Beach and at each of the Mudeford Sandbank blocks. The Mudeford Sandbank blocks also have emptying points for chemical toilets.

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