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As part of our Let's Make Communication Count project funding, all group providers should now have a WellComm Toolkit available for their use.

Childminders can borrow the toolkits from their local family support hub.

Please contact your Early Years and Childcare Adviser if you have any queries around availability.

To help ensure children are identified and supported at the earliest point please use the toolkit in the following ways:

  • all new children are screened to gain a baseline of where they are in their communication and language, therefore identifying any delays at the earliest point
  • there is a focus on vulnerable groups to be screened more regularly to ensure children most at risk of a delay are identified early
  • the screening results in swift and decisive intervention to support individual children, using the Big Book of ideas to develop next steps or Individualised Education Programmes (IEPs) if necessary
  • the screening is repeated at least half termly for those children that are identified as in need of support
  • the screening and activity ideas are shared with parents, to provide a consistent approach between home and setting
  • the screening is shared with other professionals and used to make referrals, for example into Come Talk with Me or Speech and Language Therapy (SALT)
  • all staff with Key Person responsibilities use the WellComm Toolkit with their children.

WellComm Toolkit training

GL Assessment now offer training videos for the WellComm Toolkit, these are available on their website and provide a step-by-step guide on preparing for and completing screening.

We have produced some top-tips to help early years professionals get the most out of the Toolkit.

WellComm Toolkit workshop

The early years and childcare adviser team have created a video to help you understand how to use the WellComm Toolkit and support the speech and language development of young children.

The workshop is now available to book via Skillgate, which will provide the video and support links to watch at a time suitable for you. If you have issues accessing the website, logging in or any other issues, please email

WellComm Report Wizard

The WellComm Report Wizard is a secure online tool that enables the user to quickly and accurately calculate scores. This improves the accuracy of scoring over scoring by hand.

In addition, the Report Wizard tracks progress and produces a variety of customisable reports. The reports can include the user’s own interpretations and comments. The individual reports signpost targeted interventions (found in the Big Book of Ideas) to suit each child’s personal profile.

The information can be exported as a finalised report, including the user’s organisational logo (PDF), or in a format that allows further data analysis (CSV).

These reports currently include:

  • Individual Report
  • Group Report
  • Group Progress Report
  • Cluster Report.

The reports can be exported in the following formats:

  • PDF
  • CSV Excel.

Find some examples of these reports

The data from these reports will be stored for eight years before being automatically deleted.

There are also very useful videos below:

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