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The purpose of the van permit scheme is to reduce the amount of commercial waste that is brought into the recycling centres for free disposal. Commercial organisations should pay to dispose of their waste when commercial waste is deposited at a recycling centre. Without such payments, BCP Council taxpayers would need to cover the costs.

Van permits are issued free of charge to:

  • BCP Council residents whose only vehicle is a van, single-cab pick-up or commercial vehicle (maximum of 6 visits in a 12 month period)
  • BCP Council residents who own a van, single-cab pick-up or commercial vehicle and a car (maximum of 3 visits in a 12 month period)

We provide a van permit to you subject to our terms and conditions. You can apply for a van permit once you’ve read and agreed to these.

Entry to any of the 3 BCP Council sites remains at the discretion of our staff.

Vehicles that are not allowed on site

The following vehicles are not allowed on site at all:

  • vans over 3.5 tonnes
  • vans towing trailers
  • single-cab pick-ups towing trailers
  • luton box vans
  • flatbed vans
  • tipper vehicles
  • tractors
  • horse boxes
  • agricultural vehicles
  • hire vans – over 3 days hire

Vehicles that require a van permit

A permit is required for the following vehicles:

  • vans up to and including 3.5 tonnes**
  • single-cab pick-ups
  • car derived vans

Vehicles that do not require any permit

The following vehicles do not require any permit and are allowed on site.

  • cars
  • campervans*
  • minibuses*
  • double-cab pick-ups*
  • people carriers*
  • estate cars
  • hire vans (maximum three days hire)**

* 3.5 tonnes or less, has no more than nine seats and has no seats removed.

** excluding van types listed under ‘not allowed on site’.


If you are disabled and your van or single-cab pick-up has been modified for your needs, then you can continue to dispose of your household waste as normal without a van permit as long as your vehicle is no more than 3.5 tonnes gross vehicle weight and you show your blue badge to BCP Council site staff.

If you have hired a van from a hire company for less than three days, the vehicle is 3.5 tonnes or less, you have a copy of the hire agreement and proof of BCP Council residency, then you can use the site to dispose of your household waste. The list of vehicles above which are not permitted to use the site also applies to hired vehicles. Please note you will have to show the hire agreement to our site staff.

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