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Noise from waste collections

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Waste collection can cause difficulty in residential areas due to engine noise or tipping. However, BCP Council has statutory obligation to carry out waste collection activities.

Waste collections from residential and commercial premises

Waste collections are carried out by us and by private contractors throughout the day. In some areas collections will take place throughout the night by private companies to service needs of businesses and residents alike. Environmental Health discourage commercial waste companies from making early morning collections on some planning applications and licensing applications.

Collection timing

Waste collections may occur at different times due to a number of factors.

  • health and safety considerations
  • scheduled road closures
  • safety considerations with school schedules
  • access restrictions and pedestrian safety in commercial areas
  • avoiding traffic congestion and maintaining efficient bin service
  • scheduled events, such as the Bournemouth Air Festival
  • adjustments to help improve air quality

How we reduce noise

We take a number of steps to reduce noise during bin collections.

  • waste collection vehicles that are compliant with environmental standards
  • electric bin lifts on our vehicles
  • training for staff
  • consultation with our commercial waste customers so that their bins are appropriately located for collection
  • waste consideration during planning consultations for residential, commercial, and industrial developments

Making a complaint about waste collection noise

If the complaint is concerning a collection by a BCP Council vehicle, please contact us online. We will make every effort to resolve your complaint. However, our priority to make sure that waste collections take place in a safe and efficient manner.

If the complaint is concerning another contractor, you will need to contact the company directly.

Environmental Health can only deal with complaints where there are breaches of licensing conditions in relation to noise from refuse collections.

Find out more about reporting a noise nuisance.

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