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Strategies, plans and policies

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What are strategies, plans and policies

Strategies, plans and policies shape the way we deliver and improve our services:

  • strategies - set out our overall aims for the medium to long term
  • policies - state the principles and rules we use to address and make decisions on particular issues.

Key strategies

The Big Plan and the Corporate Strategy are our key strategies and form how we begin to link services, teams and personal performance to our objectives.

They set out:

  • our key priorities to deliver our vision
  • our values
  • our decision making and resource allocation processes
  • how we begin to link services, teams and personal performance.

They are also the key components of our Performance Management Framework and lead the Council’s corporate planning process. These are supported by delivery plans which set out the actions and outcomes that will be delivered alongside key measures of success. It is intended to be relevant for 3-4 years, at least.

A new BCP Local Plan, setting out growth strategy and planning policies, is currently being drafted following a consultation.

How other strategies, plans and policies are linked

Every other council and partnership strategy or plan must be able to demonstrate through its agreed governance and performance management process, how it contributes to achieving the priorities set out in the Big Plan and the Corporate Strategy.

Our corporate policy framework sets out the process for developing or reviewing a strategy or policy.

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