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Financial Care Plans

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It's never too early to start planning for your future care needs.

You may want to consider getting impartial advice when choosing how to finance your long-term care. We are not able to recommend financial advisers or give financial advice.

Free information and advice

The Money Advice Service gives a range of information that can help you.

Paid information and advice

You may want to consider paying for advice from an independent regulated financial adviser if:

  • you want to talk to someone who specialises in funding long-term care
  • you have a lot of savings and are thinking about making investments
  • you worry that someone close to you may put pressure on you to use your money in a way you would not want

Some independent regulated financial advisers can provide advice on the funding of long-term care.

They will be able to explain all the costs and risks involved, and should also be able to help with other things, like arranging your will or Power of Attorney.


Check which benefits you are entitled to.

NHS Funding

Free NHS continuing healthcare may be available if you have a disability or complex medical problem.

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