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Speed limits and enforcement

When introducing a speed limit, we have to consider:

  • the suitability of the limit and the set up of the road
  • historical road safety issues and accident data, areas with recorded incidents will be prioritised
  • the cost of introducing a new speed limit.

An inappropriate limit tends to be disregarded by drivers, so careful consideration must be made to set the right limit for a particular stretch of road. We cannot introduce a speed limit for single entities, such as at a junction, a sharp bend or on a steep hill.

Read the national guidance on speed limits.

We are only able to make very minimal changes to speed limits, which are carried out on a priority basis.

Requests for amendments to an existing speed limit, or the introduction of a new limit, must be made through to us at:

Enforcing speed limits

Dorset Police are responsible for enforcing speed limits. If you believe that there is a genuine speed issue, with vehicles speeding on a regular basis then you should report it to the local police.

Reducing traffic in your area

You can help raise awareness and reduce traffic speed in your local roads by taking part in Community Speed Watch (CSW), working in partnership with your Neighbourhood Policing Team. This enables members of the community to carry out speed checks, which are then reported to Dorset Police.

Further information and advice about speed limits and penalties:

More information about road safety.


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