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Improving road safety

Road safety report

Our 2021 road safety report details the work we do to keep our road users safe. If you'd like further advice or information please contact:

The Dorset Strategic Road Safety Partnership (DSRSP) has a clear aim and commitment to eradicate preventable deaths and serious injuries on Dorset’s roads.

The DSRSP is committed to achieve this through the delivery of a coordinated strategy. This strategy brings together partners’ education, enforcement and engineering activities to address common themes, delivered through the Dorset Road Safe Tactical Group.

Dorset Strategic Road Safety Partnership Strategy 2021-30

Road safety audits

The purpose of a Road Safety Audit is to:

  • assess safety implications for highway improvements and new road schemes
  • take into account all road users, especially the more vulnerable
  • make recommendations to minimise future collisions and injuries.

Different Road Safety Audits are carried out at different stages of the scheme:

  • stage one - on completion of preliminary design
  • stage two - on completion of detailed design
  • stage three - on completion of works
  • stage four - 12 months after completion of works.

If you have a query regarding road safety audits or would like a quote for a road safety audit, please email

School crossing patrols

We are responsible for risk management at school crossing patrol sites and any engineering and traffic measures which are needed.

We also manage the school crossing patrol service. To find out about permanent vacancies or opportunities as a mobile relief patroller or a relief patroller specific to a particular school, please email

How to find out about road traffic accidents

You can ask us for information about traffic accidents by sending a plan of the area you're interested in and the relevant dates. We provide accident detail listing and can plot them accordingly. This will cost from £150 (+ VAT) for requests made for commercial purposes. Please email for this.

Community speed indicator device programme

Speed Indicator Devices (SIDs) raise driver awareness of local speed limits and are proven to reduce traffic speeds at appropriate locations.

If you would like to know more about the Community SID programme, please email

Minor transport scheme requests

The procedure for requesting minor transport schemes such as pedestrian crossings, Safer Routes to School requests, 20mph zones, Traffic Regulation Orders and other road safety requests is explained in our Minor Transport Scheme Request Guidance document.

The document also explains how the Council assess and ranks these requests for implementation.

National campaigns and useful resources