Report a dead animal

You can report the following types of dead animals for removal:

  • foxes
  • badgers
  • dogs
  • cats
  • deer.

We can collect these animals from council land.

Any dogs or cats collected from the highway will be checked for the presence of a microchip. Where one is located we will endeavour to contact the person registered.

If you find a dead animal on your property or private land, we can collect it if it is bagged and placed by a front gate or driveway.

If you want us to collect the animal from elsewhere on the property, we charge £18. Please call us on 01202 123 123.

This does not include family pets.

Do not use this service to report the following types of dead animals:

  • small birds
  • rodents
  • hedgehogs
  • rabbits

To dispose of these, please either bury them or put them in your black bin.