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Before you apply for a dropped kerb

Before you apply for a dropped kerb, you will need to check your deeds to make sure you are allowed to park a vehicle on your property. If you rent, you need to get written permission from your landlord.

Planning permission

You will usually need planning permission for a dropped kerb if:

  • your property leads onto a classified road (such as an A-road)
  • your parking area is surfaced with concrete or some types of tarmac, block paving or any other material which doesn't let water drain
  • the property is a flat, maisonette, commercial premises or a listed building.

Size of driveway

If the front or back of your vehicle will be facing the road, you will need to make sure your space is at least 5.5 metres x 2.6 metres. If the side of your vehicle will be facing the road, you will need to make sure your space is at least 2.8 metres x 6.5 metres.


We cannot drop a kerb which is closer than one metre to any street light, road sign or tree (this may also be increased to accommodate any roots). In addition, it must be at least ten metres from any junction, pedestrian crossing or other road safety measure.

If we can move any utility, streetlight or road sign to accommodate your dropped kerb we will inform you, but you will also have to cover any cost incurred. We will not remove a tree unless it is diseased or dying.

Level pavements

We may reject your application if your property cannot be made level with the back of the pavement or if the angle of the road (camber) or the height of the pavement could cause vehicle damage. In certain circumstances, we may approve an application, but certain vehicles may be restricted.


If we have to pave over a verge which may contribute to flooding, we may need to reject your application. Similarly if you wish to lay a new driveway you must make sure it has proper drainage and that water will not spill out on to the public pavements or road. If you’re going to have a driveway surfaced with concrete, some types of tarmac, brick paving or other non-porous material, you will need to make sure there is a drain on your property for any surface water.

Traffic regulation order amendments

If, by installing a dropped kerb, a change in any parking restrictions is required, you will be charged a fee. This is to cover the costs of the process involved in amending the permanent traffic regulation order (TRO) for the affected parking restriction.


If you wish to use loose gravel as a surface on your driveway, you must make sure you have a one metre strip of block paving, concrete or tarmac to stop the gravel spreading to the road.

Contact us

If you need to ask any questions before your application please email