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Search and comment on planning applications

You can view current planning application and decisions online. You'll be able to comment on current applications too.

What to consider when you comment

Remember that only certain issues can be taken into account. These include:

  • whether the proposal is in line with the current policy plan for the area
  • appearance and character of a new building
  • increased noise and disturbance, such as from an increase in traffic
  • safety of new roads, accesses and parking for road users and pedestrians
  • affect the new building may have on employment or the local economy
  • changes to public services
  • how the new building may affect the landscape or conservation
  • neighbours losing light or privacy.

 We can't take into account:

  • personal circumstances of the applicant
  • the fact that development may have already begun
  • competition between firms
  • moral arguments
  • loss of a view from a private property
  • fears about the loss of property value
  • the fact that the applicant does not own the land
  • matters covered by leases or covenants.

You can also view the weekly planning application list and the delegated decision list for the Bournemouth area, along with weekly planning application list for the Poole area below.