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Local Plan Consultations

BCP Local Plan – Issues and Options consultation (2022)

Consultation for the Issues and Options for the BCP Local Plan ran from 10 January to 25 March 2022 and has now closed.

We appreciate all the responses received and thank you to everyone who responded.

The feedback we received to the Issues and Options consultation has been set out in a consultation report which outlines how and who we consulted with and summarises the responses. This can be viewed on our Engagement HQ webpage.

We will continue engaging with local communities and organisations this year and continue developing our evidence base to support the Plan.

The feedback and evidence will be used to shape the priorities for the Local Plan and will inform the next stage of plan preparation when we will publish a draft Local Plan in 2023.

Call for sites

To submit a site for assessment and consideration please return a completed form to us by email.

The information collected in this form will be used by your local planning authority to inform the preparation of the BCP Local Plan and future updates of the Housing and Economic Land Availability Assessment and Brownfield Land Register. 

Issues and call for sites (2019)

An important starting point for the BCP Local Plan is the identification of the issues that it will need to address. We asked you to tell us the issues that the local plan should cover and invited you to suggest any sites we should consider for development. The consultation took place between 7 October - 18 November 2019.

For this consultation we suggested some issues aligned to the key priorities of the BCP Corporate Strategy.

We received 316 responses about the Issues. The Summary of Representations includes the full response, a summary comment and an officer response. The Appendix identifies the comments relating to the Corporate Strategy priorities.

We received 206 sites promoted through the Call for Sites invitation. We have summarised these responses and displayed the sites on a map alongside a few of the constraints such as conservation areas, heathland 400 metres consultation area, Green Belt, and flood risk areas.

The sites referred to as “promoted”, are sites suggested and put forward by landowners or developers. They have been submitted for assessment and consideration, and no decisions on them have been made at this stage.