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Town Investment Plan

The government is investing £23 million in Boscombe as part of the Bournemouth Town Investment Plan under a ‘Town Deal’. The Government approved our Town Investment Plan in March 2021. We have developed detailed business cases, and we already have Government approval to go ahead with seven projects. 

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Our Vision

"By 2030 Boscombe-Bournemouth (the regeneration area) will be connected, diverse, healthy and safe. Building on the area’s arts and creative sector as well as our built seaside heritage, there will be more jobs in a wider variety of sectors. The community will have greater access to good quality jobs, training, leisure activities and homes."

Our Aims are to:

  • attract inward investment and deliver economic regeneration including new jobs and training opportunities focused on Boscombe Town Centre
  • deliver high quality zero carbon homes in a vibrant mixed use neighbourhood
  • develop a beautiful, healthy and green place that enhances Boscombe's Victorian Heritage
  • achieve better virtually and physically connected communities and foster active travel
  • provide enhanced space and support for Boscombe’s rich arts and music scene, celebrate its diverse cultures and bring the community together through festivals and events.

Town Investment Plan

'Our Town Investment Plan outlines a place based approach to the regeneration of Boscombe-Bournemouth, enabling us to build on established partnerships and unite those with ambition and passion to do the best for our town.' 

Read our Bournemouth Town Investment Plan

Our town investment plan will be delivered through a number of projects which have been developed with our local communities, partners, private and public investors. This includes projects which residents will directly benefit from and will be delivered under five themes of: