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Regeneration planning and landuse (theme 2)

We will facilitate the development of an ambitious masterplan for Boscombe town centre creating a vibrant mixed use community and attractive public realm.

Our proposals include:  

  • refresh and focus on the retail offer on the High Street
  • facilitate the delivery of an ambitious Masterplan for Boscombe
  • explore redevelopment of the Sovereign Shopping Centre
  • create outstanding public spaces and areas that are lively and pleasant to use
  • provide up to 50 homes. 

Our projects under this theme are:

  • Boscombe Masterplan
  • High Street.

Boscombe Masterplan

The Masterplan for Boscombe will be delivered in two main phases.

We will deliver Phase One, which includes the following proposals:

  • a new walkway between Christchurch Road and Hawkwood Road
  • five new retail kiosks on the new walkway with outside seating
  • a new community centre
  • around 84 new homes
  • a small park: Hawkwood Gardens
  • public car park (retention of part of Hawkwood Road main car park)
  • minor changes to Hawkwood Road itself to accommodate new pedestrian crossing, loading bay for community centre and bus stop
  • potential for a new doctors surgery or health care facility

Where we are now

The Phase One proposals incorporate all of the elements that residents and businesses asked for during our previous consultation in 2020. We would now like your views on these proposals. 

High Street Project

By 2026, Boscombe High Street will be a vibrant, quirky, safe and attractive centre providing a range of shops, services, leisure and job opportunities for the local community.

The high street will be more resilient to change, and the upper floors will be re-used to provide residential and employment accommodation, with the Victorian architecture being enhanced and celebrated.

The project aims to:

  • Attract at least 10% more people and footfall to the high street by re-using vacant floorspace for non-retail uses and improving the appearance of buildings, public spaces and areas.
  • Make the best use out of brownfield land and buildings through re-use of upper floors on the high street, with the provision of at least five more new homes.
  • Increase the number of businesses on the high street which are open in the evenings and weekends, maximising the potential created by high footfall from the 90 annual events in the 02 venue.
  • Improve the appearance of the high street through renovation and replacement of at east 15 shopfronts.
  • Support the existing businesses (occupants) directly and indirectly affected by the Boscombe Masterplan.