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Digital connectivity (theme 4)

Where we started 

We built upon the Smart Place Pilot - a project which started at Lansdowne, Bournemouth, providing fast affordable internet access to the regeneration area.

Where we are now

We have further developed and expanded on our Smart Place  programme which has now rolled out to Boscombe to provide fast affordable internet access to the regeneration area and develop a better virtually connected community. 

We are deploying a highly innovative 5G network including new fibre-optic cabling and hardware to provide faster access to the internet and a high-speed free public Wi-Fi network in some parts of Boscombe. These are part of ongoing plans to transform the town and create more jobs and homes for local people, attracting new digital and creative businesses and encouraging investors and employers to the area.

 Residents, visitors and businesses in and around central Boscombe are now able to access fast free public Wi-Fi. With speeds of up to 200Mbps, the extremely fast Wi-Fi is three times faster than the average home broadband and is available to access in the following public space areas: 

  • Boscombe Precinct (pedestrianised section of Christchurch Road)  
  • Westwards along Christchurch Road as far as Boscombe Crescent. 

 The free public Wi-Fi can be accessed in Boscombe by selecting: Smart Place Free Wi-Fi

A new local app for the Boscombe community has been launched to deliver valuable information to local residents, businesses and visitors to the area. Find out more about the My Boscombe app

People can visit the app via: