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Arts culture and heritage (theme 3)

The creative business sector is well represented in Boscombe, complemented by our three Universities located in the BCP Council area.

Boscombe Creative Arts Festival (BEAF) and Boscombe Creative Alliance (BCA) are represented on the Bournemouth Towns Fund Board.

We have an abundance of cultural event space including the 02 Academy and Shelley Theatre. This together with the fantastic beach and Pier has the potential to attract more visitors and businesses.

Future projects 

We will develop projects which will put the ‘spa’ back into Boscombe, by strengthening the cultural, leisure and arts offer, improving the health and wellbeing of residents whilst building on our unique heritage.

We will introduce a five year events programme and provide facilities for young people at the beach.

The Towns Fund will contribute to the restoration of the Eastcliff lift.