A masterplan for Boscombe town centre

We will facilitate the development of an ambitious masterplan for Boscombe town centre creating a vibrant mixed use community and attractive public realm.

The proposals could include:

  • the removal of Centenary Way and bus station
  • restoration of the east-west Haviland Road
  • retention of the Sovereign Centre car park
  • a new Square on the pedestrianised section of Christchurch Road 
  • 560 Homes (predominantly larger dwellings to support family living)
  • a village/community hall   
  • a new medical centre
  • 6,700 sqm retail and leisure floor space  
  • 4,800 sqm of commercial, community/ health floor space 

Artist impression 


Artist impression of the proposed Boscombe Square and replacement Sovereign Shopping Centre with a mixed use neighbourhood. The market on Christchurch Road will be retained and enhanced.


Boscombe town centre masterplan 


Proposed town square in Boscombe will accommodate events and the market and will provide better access through the town centre.

Take a look at a more detailed and annotated version of the masterplan


Further masterplan documents