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As part of our Big Plan, we want to make the BCP region one of the best coastal places in the world in which to live, work, invest and play. Creating vibrant communities is key to achieving this goal.

A thriving high street can help enhance the potential of a local area, enabling people to socialise as well as shop. Shopping local helps to create these areas, which in turn helps to support the local economy, create local jobs and foster friendly, local communities who support one another.

Across the area, we’ve got numerous local areas to visit, all brimming with personality, passion and pride with some offering locally sourced items which aren’t available through major online retailers so you can choose things that are really unique to the Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole (BCP) area. 

Residents and visitors can pop into Southbourne and discover a whole host of shops with friendly faces waiting to greet you, visit Highcliffe village and receive a warm welcome from the businesses and retailers in this coastal location, or discover an abundance of shops, café’s and local businesses in Broadstone, there really is something for everyone!

Businesses across our area are united in encouraging everyone to shop local. Look out for the stickers in their windows – you can even create a game spotting these stickers when you’re out and about to keep your little ones occupied!

These shops rely on everyone spending locally, that's why we are encouraging you to make an active choice to shop and spend locally to keep the BCP area’s unique local businesses thriving. Now more than ever before we’re asking everyone to preserve the heart of the community by shopping local and find out what hidden gems you can discover! To find out more about Shop Local please contact the Economic Development team

Find shopping areas in and around:

There are many benefits to shopping locally:

Unique products and shops

In Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole, we have such a wide variety of independent shops that you won't find anywhere else and that give our communities great character. Shopping locally can also provide a much more personal service. 

We are proud to have some truly individual, specialist, one of a kind businesses in our area and it's so important that we do our bit to support them online and gain a unique product or experience at the same time. 

Improves local economy

Through supporting our local shops you know where your money is going - back to our communities. Through helping local businesses, there is the potential for more jobs to be created.

Reduces environmental impact

Local shops and businesses tend to source their goods locally which helps to reduce their carbon footprint. 

Promotes community spirit

We are proud of where we live and we hope you are too. Through supporting our local businesses we are supporting our communities and helping them to thrive.

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How you can show your support

Showing support is about so much more than just spending. 

Here are other simple ways to help our brilliant businesses: 

  • post a positive review online or on social media 
  • make a recommendation to your friends and family 
  • give them a follow and share on social media 
  • sign up for their newsletters or updates 
  • give them a shout out.


Whether you’re a town centre shop or an independent local café, you should be embracing the power of online marketing for your business. 

We have put together a range of useful resources that will help you get your business online, such as how to:

  • learn new skills
  • access direct support including 1-to-1 guidance
  • apply for grant funding to contribute towards an ambitious new project.

Business Improvement Districts

A Business Improvement District (BID) is a business led partnership which is created through a ballot process to deliver additional services to local businesses. It can be a powerful tool for directly involving local businesses in local activities and allow the business community as well as BCP Council to work together to improve the local trading environment.

Across Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole we have four BIDs delivering additional services, improving the local trading environment and developing projects which benefit businesses

Keep up to date

To stay informed, please:

Further information for businesses can be found here -  BCP Council business and you can email any queries to

This page is supported by our Economic Development team working alongside the Poole, Christchurch and Bournemouth Town Centres and Bournemouth Coastal District Business Improvement Districts (BIDs), and the Bournemouth and Christchurch Chambers.




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