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Renew a book

Renewing a book can be done using your online account, at your local library or over the phone. If you sign up for alerts, we’ll email you to remind you when your books should be returned.  

Renew online 

Sign into your online library account to renew books you have on loan.

Bournemouth customers

  • visit the library catalogue 
  • click on my account
  • enter your library card number (leaving out any letters)
  • enter your PIN 
  • press the login button.

Christchurch and Poole customers

  • visit the library catalogue via Libraries West 
  • click on log in
  • enter your library card number (with the capital letter)
  • enter your PIN
  • press the login button.

Renew by phone 

You can call your library and renew your books over the phone. You’ll need your library card number and PIN to do this.   

Renew at any library 

Renew your items at any of our libraries, either at the counter or by using a self-service kiosk, if available.  

Please remember 

You cannot renew books that have been requested by another borrower. If someone else has reserved a book you have on loan, we’ll renew it for you for a short period to give you time to get it back to us without incurring a charge. 

It’s not possible to renew DVDs, Blu-ray discs and CDs. But, if you keep them longer than the original rental period, you can pay the extra rental charge when you bring them back. 

Free email alerts 

Sign up for free email alerts from libraries in Christchurch and Poole and we’ll: 

  • let you know when your requested items are ready for collection 
  • remind you when your books will shortly be due for return 
  • send you a first overdue notice if your items are overdue. 
  • Call in or contact your local library to register for free email alerts. 

Alerts from Library Elf 

Users of libraries in Bournemouth can sign up to Library Elf, a free reminder service that will send you an email before your books become overdue.