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Allotments in Bournemouth

There are 7 allotment sites in Bournemouth. We run three of them and the others are self-managed.

Getting an allotment  

To get an allotment from us you must live in Bournemouth. Allotments are very popular and there is a waiting list for plots at all sites, so you can only have a plot at one site within Bournemouth. 

A typical allotment plot is 250m2 (300sq yds). However, you will often be offered a smaller plot initially, as a full plot takes a lot of work to maintain. The self-managed sites will offer smaller plots to starters.

If you would like to apply for an allotment managed by us, please use our Allotment Application Form. If you are interested in one of the self-managed sites, please apply direct to them.   

Allotment sites in Bournemouth
Where it isHow much it costs per year*Extra information
Elizabeth Gardens,
Victoria Road,
BH1 4RS.
£10 per 25m+ £20 base rate This site has 8 plots, one of which is fully accessible. 
Merrivale Allotments,
Merrivale Avenue,
BH6 3JP.
£10 per 25m2  This is the largest managed site and has 22 plots. 
 Southill Gardens Mini Site,
Southill Gardens,
BH9 1SJ.
£30 per plot  There are 9 'mini plots' which are around 21m2.
*Note: Prices change on 30 September each year

If you accept the offer of an allotment to rent, you’ll get an Allotment Agreement, a legally binding contract in which you’re agreeing to: 

  • take on a yearly tenancy to look after your plot and allotment site
  • follow the terms and conditions in the agreement or you may be evicted, and your plot let to another tenant. 

Self-managed allotment sites

In addition to the 3 allotments we run, there are other sites in Bournemouth managed by societies or associations: 


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