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Monthly update for communication, language and literacy

About our monthly updates

Our monthly updates provide information and resources for early years practitioners to support communication, language and literacy developments.

May 2022

This month our Come Talk With Me Top Tip is to:

“Sing the same song and tell the same story again and again – this will help your child to recognise patterns in language”

Consider having a core set of traditional stories or songs which can be repeated with all children. These can be shared with your families, link settings or primary schools to help build language confidence for children during transitions.

Words for life activity

Books to wind down - Looking at books can be a fun, relaxed activity to do every day with children. It can help them to understand that it is time to wind down and provide much needed quiet time.

Multi-Lingual digital picture book service

ILT Education are offering free access to multi-lingual digital picture book service for Ukrainian Refugees in the UK.

Speech, Language and Communication Early Years Summit

Register for the free Speech, Language, and Communication Early Years Summit through Early Years TV. Listen to international experts in their own field. Presentations will be available for free online from Monday 30 May to Sunday 5 June.

April 2022

This month our Come Talk with Me Top Tip  is to:

“Build on what your child has said. Repeat and then add a word or two – this will help to expand their vocabulary.”

Modelling language with children is one of the most useful ways to encourage children to talk and gradually link words to build sentences. If a child makes a mistake, with how a word is said or with word order for example, don’t correct them. Instead repeat back the word or sentence correctly, this way children will hear and learn from the good example you are giving.

Let’s Chat

In case you missed this last month here is the latest Dorset Speech, Language and Communication Newsletter. This provides an update on services and the transformation project roadmap, including a proposal to create a new Communication Champion Network across Dorset.

Bilingual Babies

Tiny happy people address common myths and queries around supporting bilingual learners through their article Bilingual Babies: Your questions answered by a speech and language therapist.

Words for life activity

Children's shopping list activity. This fun activity will get your little one chatting about what food they like by making their own ‘shopping list’. It encourages them to speak about their favourite meals and foods.