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Leisure centre permit in the Christchurch area

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For frequent users of the leisure centre, this permit allows a total of 4 hours parking per day in the leisure centre car park.

You can buy a 6 month permit for £45 or a 12 month permit for £76.

We use an online system for purchasing a parking permit. By using the system you will no longer receive a physical permit, instead receiving a virtual permit.

Permits can be shared between 2 vehicles however cannot be used at the same time. The virtual permit system can register when the permit is being used fraudulently. If this is found to be the case your permit will be cancelled and no refund issued.

Please ensure you enter the correct registration number into the system - particular care should be taken when entering 0 (zero, the number) and O (the letter). Mistakes will result in the issue of a Penalty Charge Notice.

View the full terms and conditions of the leisure centre permit.

How to apply or renew

Use our online system to apply for or renew your permit.

When applying please make sure the correct year is selected.

Buying a permit does not guarantee that a space will be available. At certain times of the year we reserve the right to grant free parking or to close car parks (for example in the case of essential maintenance or a special event).

No refund of the permit fee will be made in respect of such periods.

Season tickets are not valid for use on heavy goods vehicles, buses, caravans and coaches or vehicles exceeding 3.5 tonnes (3,500 kg) in weight.

We reserve the right to withdraw any season ticket found to have been improperly issued or used.

There is a 2 metre height restriction in leisure centre (west) and 1.95m in leisure centre (east) car park.

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